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Corporate Sustainability, Strategy & Development

Areas for potential contributions

  • Corporate Sustainability (through Outlive Advisory)

    • Development, revision and verification of strategies related to Corporate Sustainability

    • Support in implementing sustainability related initiatives

    • Guidance on organizational development

    • Sustainability positioning, communication and claims

  • Inclusive Business / Business Development

    • Development of strategies and concepts for inclusive businesses (stand alone or as part of corporate supply systems)

    • Risk, issue and opportunity assessments

    • Support in implementing inclusive business models (depending on type and location)

    • Review and evaluation of inclusive business models

    • Content development for networks, collaboration platforms or initiatives

Why with me?

  • Study focus on strategy, sustainability and business in developing/emerging markets.

  • Dissertation on how to use bottom up development approaches to include the poor into the innovation process of inclusive businesses. 

  • Led the Corporate Sustainability department of a global FMCG company and built up the service area “Sustainability Strategy & Communications” in a globally active consulting firm.

  • 9+ years experience in developing, managing and evaluating inclusive businesses in corporate value chains (agricultural and non-agricultural). 


An inclusive business includes people living at the base of the economic pyramid (“the poor”) into value chains as suppliers, distributers, retailers, or customers.

The commercial viability and development impact foster opportunity and expand access, using private-sector solutions that are sustainable, replicable, and scalable. (UNDP, IFC)

Inclusive Business

business & development
agriculture & supply

Sustainable/Regenerative Agricultural
Supply & Food Systems

Areas for potential contributions

  • Development and evaluation of strategies and concepts for the integration of regenerative or sustainable agriculture into supply and food systems (general and/or crop based), whereby ensuring the link to other relevant organizational objectives, issues and projects (e.g. carbon, biodiversity, human rights, supply security)

  • Support in finding and evaluating global implementation partners (incl. suppliers)

  • Risk, issues and opportunity assessments for specific origins and crops

  • Project implementation (depending on type and location)

  • Content development for networks, collaboration platforms or initiatives

Why with me?

  • 10+ years experience in (strategic) sustainable raw material procurement, incl. development of origin programs and responsibility for environmental agricultural topics (e.g. no-deforestation, agroforestry, landscape approaches).

  • Education in regenerative agriculture and supply, permaculture and nature-based garden and landscape design.


Regenerative Agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices to restore the natural systems.

The practices lead to increased biodiversity, enriched soils, improved watersheds, and enhanced ecosystem services.


For companies, it provides an opportunity to fight climate change while supporting farmers and building a more resilient agricultural system. (TGI, Savory)

Regenerative Agriculture

Piera Waibel_bird friendly_fields2.jpg

Biodiversity & Ecosystems

Areas for potential contributions

  • Development of concepts, strategies, programs and projects for the integration of bird friendly structures, plants and land management practices into community, company and NGO activities (for Switzerland through VOGELGARTEN)

  • Strategic and conceptual support in developing organizations, initiatives or projects aiming at increasing biodiversity and protecting/restoring ecosystems

  • Support in finding and evaluating implementation partners

  • Implementation of projects (depending on type and location)

  • Content development for associations, networks, collaboration platforms or initiatives

Why with me?

  • 12+ years experience in strategy and project development in agriculture, supply systems and philanthropy, incl. in landscape and multi-stakeholder approaches    

  • Education in regenerative supply and sourcing, permaculture, nature-based garden and landscape design as well as field ornithology

  • Thesis about native (Swiss) plant combinations for seed-feeding birds

  • Participant in the Bird Friendly Coalition

Piera Waibel_bird friendly_fields.jpg

Birds are important providers of ecosystem services and are a key indicator for biodiversity. Yet, their populations are in sharp decline worldwide, mainly due to habitat loss.  

Bird friendly gardens, landscapes and agriculture provide food, refugia, protection and nesting sites, whereby contributing to population recovery and regeneration.

Bird friendly

biodiversity & ecosystems
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